It is the day the Stab Labs office has been looking at for quite some time now. It is the day some people (haters mostly) said would never come. It is the day that many will find to be the day their new year got started (I don’t even think that one made sense). Anyway the Fallen Soldiers Calendar is finally here!!! It is in some retail spots, if you’re out shopping please be on the look out for them. But then again, why would you look for them when you know where there at?, that’s right my Internet savvy blog reading geniuses, why wouldn’t you pick one up right here right now?!? Now I’m not going to Mike Jones y’all with the calendar (who?..Mike Jones), nah I’m better then that. I’m going to plug the Fallen Soldiers Calendar for the rest of the year. I won’t be satisfied until the world (wide web) believes this is the best damn calendar ever! I mean come on, the Fallen Soldiers Calendar has a commercial, DAMN IT! Shout out to the big homey Rah for helping make history and in the infamous words of dj Khaled “We always goin’ be da best!!!”